Ed Morrisey PhD

Scientific Director, Penn Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Translational Research Center
11th Floor, Room 124
3400 Civic Center Boulevard, Bldg. 421
Philadelphia , PA 19104-5159
Email: emorrise@mail.med.upenn.edu
Work: (215) 573-3010




The Morrisey Lab focuses on the molecular pathways that regulate cardiovascular and lung development. Currently, our interests include the role of forkhead and GATA transcription factors in cardiac, smooth muscle and lung epithelial development and the role of Wnt signaling in cardiovascular and lung development. We utilize in vivo loss and gain of function techniques including mouse knock-outs to define how these factors and pathways regulate developmental processes. We are also interested in how these transcription factors and signaling pathways regulate cardiovascular and pulmonary homeostasis and injury repair. Our long term goal is to define the molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular and pulmonary development and determine whether these mechanisms are recapitulated in adult disease.


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