Skills Development Core

What is the Skills Development Core?

The mission of the Skills Development Core (SDC) is to synergize the expertise, technical skills, and learning opportunities within the LRRC Research Centers to enhance the career development of the lung researchers of the future. The goal of SDC activities is to prepare LRRC Young Investigators to lead future investigations that advance the field of lung injury and repair.

The Skills Development Core Committee (SDCC) is composed of an investigator from each Research Center, as well as the Principal Investigator and an educational expert from the Administrative Coordinating Center. The SDCC develops and coordinates the activities among the Research Centers.

girlThrough the SDC, Young Investigators are offered comprehensive career-building experiences that include:

  • Didactic learning experiences
  • Intensive hands-on learning in specialized techniques provided by individual Research Centers
  • Enhanced mentoring experiences with senior investigators throughout the LRRC
  • Participation in LRRC annual meetings and relevant scientific conferences
  • Opportunities to practice career-building skills including scientific presentations and grant-writing

How Can I Join the Skills Development Core?

Membership in the SDC is currently limited to graduate students, postdocs and MD fellows who are affiliated with one of our Research Centers. To apply:

  1. Complete the YI Registration:
  2. Sign and return the LRRC Policies and Guidelines Document to

Once the registration and Policies and Guidelines have been completed, the ACC will provide new members with their credentials for this website.

What Funding Opportunities are Available Through the Skills Development Core?

There are several types of opportunities available to our Young Investigators. Members should log in to this site and follow this link to learn more and apply for SDC activities.

Young Investigator Quarterly Teleconferences

The YI Quarterly Teleconference series features talks by our Principal Investigators, guest speakers, and Young Investigators on topics including fundamental knowledge of mechanisms of lung regeneration and repair, recent scientific breakthroughs, updates from important meetings and conferences (ex. ATS, FASEB, ISCT) and career enhancement.

Because some of the presentations include unpublished data, non-members will not be able to access all of the presentations.